Hello, World.

Welcome to my slice of the interwebs. My name is Khrysta and I play games. I play all sorts of games, but mostly video games. I also create content for YouTube on my gaming channel called Khrysta Plays. I have three YouTube Channels, and I am pondering a fourth. I currently have my gaming channel, a vlog channel, and a pet channel (which has no videos). I am considering a channel that deals specifically with teaching and mathematics. However, I do feel like I would not be good at that. I do want to flip my classroom and I believe that if I flipped my classroom, I should be the one doing the videos. Anyway, that is a post for my other blog, iteachmaths.net.

I am not sure what else to write, so I will leave it hear for now.

Until next time. Live. Laugh. Play Games. (and do math).


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