Our Philosophy

I want to show the world that gaming is just not for teenagers and males. I am a forty-something female who enjoys video games. I play the games, and my huskies distract me. So, I die. But, I have fun and that is what counts.

Our Pack

I have always adored huskies, and now I have two. Welcome to the husky pack! I am a proud husky momma even though my Koda loves to eat the couch. I enjoy watching them play with each other even if Koda sometimes drags Yukon around like a sack of potatoes.

Meet the Pack



Video Gamer & Husky Momma

Born in 1976, Khrysta grew up in a small town. She became the proud parent of her son in 1994. Years later, she now is a teacher in a small town. However, she wants to really teach in a community college setting. She became a husky momma in October 2016 to Kodiak (known more often as Koda), and Yukon in July 2017. With her pack complete, she focuses on the education of her students and playing video games.

Also, she is a major Doctor Who fan. Like, total fanatic.



Chief Destroyer

Some of my favorite things to do are eat couches, cushions, and go through the trash. Also, I like to jump the fence and roam the neighbourhood like a boss.

I am a very active husky. I know because I only do the bad things when I am really bored. My momma is a good momma, but sometimes I do not listen to her. I know I should, but I just want the treats.

Do me a favor and look out for videos about me and the ankle biter. They are coming!



Chief Ankle Biter

Hi, Hi, Hi! My name is Yukon. I'm just a baby, my momma said. But, I am growing up so big and fast. I can't wait to be as big as Koda. He drags me around like I am a sack of potatoes and I hate it!

I'm gonna show him when I'm bigger. My momma says I'm gonna be a big boy when I grow up and maybe even bigger than Koda.

Oh, I'm only 4 months old. I came to live with my mommy when I was only 7 weeks and 3 days old.

What next ..

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